Best Mobile Phone Power Bank Cases

Today smartphones are almost like an extension of us. Most people relay on them for everything from your calendar to playing your favorite game. This is why most people work their smart phones hard mainly because of the convenience they provide. The battery life of most smartphones is not that great though, with most devices only being capable of providing a few hours of battery life during heavy usage. Power banks have become increasingly popular in recent years because of their ability to solve this problem on the go.

What is a power bank case

Power bank case is an improvement or a more advanced version of the power bank which is carried separately from the phone and provides back up power by connecting the power bank to the phone using a USB cable.

These cases mimic the design and most times feel of typical protective phone cases but are fitted with batteries which are of different capacities depending on the type of case. The cases can either come fitted with male micro USB connector which provides users with the convenience having your power bank and phone attached and in some cases eliminates the use of a USB cable.

How it works

Cases that require a USB connector in form of a cable usually require one to carry the cable which is often small with them and input it into the power bank and thereafter into the phone’s USB port the proceed which commences charging. This type of charging system is mainly seen in the older models. Simplicity is what the second version of cases provides as the case breaks into two to make it easier to connect the male USB connector of the power bank to your phone’s USB connector, and then attach the second piece to secure the case. Most power banks in this category are not perpetually active, it comes with an off and on button the location is dependent on the type of case. You turn on the power bank when your phone’s power is low or use a source of protective power to always keep your phone’s power up. They also come with a female micro USB port where you can charge your power bank at the end of the day. It is however recommended to charge your phone and case separately at night on either a USB port or socket unless indicated by the product’s manufacturer.

Best power bank cases in the market

These cases are a big hit with a large portion of smartphone owners. As is the case with a lot of the products that are in demand there are numerous variations for different smartphone brands in the market. The task of picking out the very base external battery case for your phone can be daunting but these represent the very best.

samsung case1. 4800mAh Samsung Galaxy S5 power bank case

The case is designed to conveniently accommodate your phone with the cut outs to allow proper functional of all aspects of your phone. The data sync capabilities makes this back up power source standout from the rest of the pack. These capabilities allow you to charge your phone without removing your case or to simultaneously do this. It provides you with great video and sound capabilities for both entertainment and interactive purposes. The cases comes with a kick out stand to provide you with maximum comfort when viewing items on your phone in landscape mode while the sound chamber ensure you get crystal clear sound. It also provides you with excellent protection for your phone.

2. iBeek 4800mAh external battery backup charger case pack power bank for the IPhone 6

ibeek caseThis is dual purpose case providing 4800mAh of extra battery life plus a protective case to ensure your iPhone is not damaged. The iBeek’s ultra-thin design ensures that your iPhone does not look bulky or feel bulky as it light weight, making your phone maintain its sleek design while giving you a ore sturdy feel. It comes with a foldable stand which allows you to comfortably view items of your phone in the landscape position, which is especially useful when watching videos and movies. You are able to synchronize and charge both your phone and case simultaneously. The off and no button allows you to use the backup power only when necessary. The light led indicator provides you the ability to check and know your battery status for recharge purposes. Safety has been carefully considers when it comes to this back up source as it is installed with a short circuit to prevent overheating.

3. HTC one M8 3200mAh portable detachable external battery power case

htc caseThis 3200mAh case is made to fit like a glove to ensure that your phone has perfect dimensions. The case is also light weight and ultra-thin to ensure that it is both maintains the phone’s original design and create a sturdy but not heavy feel when clasping the phone. The plastic case provides sufficient protection for your phone with the added advantage of extended battery life. It also comes with a support stand for hands free and comfortable landscape viewing on your phone. The case comes with four led indicators on the power level of your back up power level in quarter percentages for example 25%.


Among others worth mentioning is the new UUnique IP6 powerbank case that comes with a very affordable price and certainly looks the most stylish. These power bank cases are as expected made for some of the bestselling phones on the market thus making them highly popular. Some of the back up battery cases have not been made by the top dogs in the industry as the underdogs have taken the initiative and made products of higher capacity and incorporated more functions. In this case brands are not everything but the battery capacity and extra features are what truly make a perfect phone cover as it gives you a larger capacity for extra battery power and numerous capabilities that will make for a better user experience. To get the value for your money, get one of the cases mentioned above.